Let your creativity blossom.

There's nothing quite like working with your hands (and by that, we don't necessarily mean typing away on a keyboard). Think about the last time you created something with your bare hands --- whether it was baking a cake, painting à la Bob Ross, or sculpting a glorious clay bust worthy of a spot at The Guggenheim. Didn't it feel good? Not just good, but good.


At Bay Area Blooms, that's exactly how we want you to feel --- good. We offer experiences that encourage everyone to stop and smell not just roses but other varieties of flowers too. Our 2 to 3 hour classes will teach you to work with all kinds of flowers and greeneries, from making floral arrangements to creating seasonal wreaths. Not only will you get an enjoyable learning experience, you'll also walk away from our classes with your very own creation that you would be proud to display at home or give as a gift to a loved one.

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